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What Makes Our Tea So Good?

Our Growers

We have partnered with a farm in Fujian, China to bring you these rare teas. The husband-and-wife team who run this farm honor their craft and provide stable work and improved living standards for the local people. Located in Fujian Province of China, this region is known for combining the best of Taiwanese Oolong production with cutting edge farming techniques.


Terroir Trifecta

The subtropical climate that boasts plentiful rain with mountainous terrain is a truly nurturing environment for the tea leaves. Surrounded by dense, undeveloped bamboo forests (a marker for suitable tea farming), the farm is a trifecta of three hills elevated 2625-3937 feet (800-1200 meters) above sea level. Bordering the tea garden, you will find abundant vegetation featuring over 40,000 flowering trees: Camellia towards the top of the garden, osmanthus trees and cherry blossoms line the garden roads, and rhododendrons are scattered throughout. This flora does not mingle with the flavor or aroma of the tea leaf, but rather protects the natural habitat and ecology of the garden by aiding in the conservation of water and fertile soil. 



Soymilk Irrigation

This family-owned farm has adapted an uncommon farming technique using soymilk as irrigation and fertilizer. This type of irrigation is costly, but they value the preservation in the natural ecology and healthy tea.


Local community

This family-owned tea farm has provided nearly uninterrupted employment for local residents the entire year through opportunities in weeding, fertilizing, watering, pruning, tilling, in addition to harvest, processing and packaging. This has improved the living standard of villagers and also continues to promote the economic development of the whole town. Basic living conditions of the community has improved from original mud and wood homes to using more substantial materials such as bricks and concrete.