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"Highly recommend Aromatory Tea. Amazing quality product, everything is done by hand for picking, sorting and each of the stages of processing which means very high quality and not the dust or debris of the tea like most other companies. Necia, owner, also teaches how to experience tea the traditional Chinese way. it is because of her connections to the farm and supplier, that you get a completely different type of tea than what you probably have experienced. Must try and learn if you can attend an event or class...or just to buy product. I really like the Roasted Frozen Summit"


"If you’re looking for a delicious, fulfilling tea experience, look no further than Aromatory Tea. I had the pleasure of tasting and experiencing tea as it should be with owner Necia. She educated me on so many facets of tea, while leading me through a beautiful, comforting tea ceremony of our own. I’m not an expert on tea by any means, and she made everything so approachable and really opened my eyes to how to experience it. The teas Aromatory offers taste clean and pure, no bite or bitterness I’ve become accustomed to. Beyond the in-person tasting, I’ve also had the pleasure of receiving Aromatory Tea by mail. The packaging is thoughtful and functional, and the instructions on the different preparation methods are helpful. My husband and I have become fans of the cold brew method! Necia at Aromatory has truly put her heart into finding exceptional, high-quality tea and changing the way people enjoy tea. We’re fortunate to have found Aromatory!"



"The short story is that I had a wonderful time tasting tea from Aromatory Tea Company. The extended story I could only explain like this: Once you’ve found true love you realize that everything prior to it was extremely short of love in its purest form. It is nurtured through laborious efforts coupled with patience in the process of creating something authentic and amazing. The oolong teas I enjoyed during a tasting on yesterday from Aromatory Tea completely altered my perception on what teas should taste like, how they should smell, and what kind of experience (I thought) I was having with contemporary drinks. Hand picked tea leaves harvested and roasted with precision over weeks and months produced honey and amber colors with flavors ranging from richly roasted and nutty to light and smooth with hints of sun kissed jasmine flowers. Necia and her family prepared traditional dishes to compliment her exclusive line of teas from China. The decor and place settings reinforced the idea of minimalism as with the tea leaves; multifaceted in their benefits and use they tasted amazing and were brewed numerous times creating an array of flavors and aromas. Have tea experience like never before, one that you can only enjoy from Aromatory Tea Company."