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Tea Tasting

Planning an event and looking for a unique journey of the senses? Here are some starter packages below. Contact Us to custom design your tea experience.
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Sip Social. 2 hrs $260

Informal, walkup tea tasting experience for everyone. Traditional Chinese Gong Fu style tea will be served during the event. Explore four different Chinese loose leaf oolong teas through tasting and appreciation. Self-serve cold brews available throughout the event. Contact Us for more details.



Seated Tea Exploration.  2 hrs $400 - 12 person maximum

Interactive sit-down tea tasting experience. Explore different Chinese oolong teas with guided tasting and mindful appreciation. Understanding basics of oolong processing from farm to table. Everyone will sample each infusion for all teas brewed and receive an information packet containing tea journey essentials. Contact Us for more details.