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Brew Guide

Each tea thrives under different methods. Our Brew Guide reveals how to extract the optimal aromas and flavors from your tea. Grab your tea and away we go!   


Above image: Warm liquors of our oolong teas


​First we're going to share some tips with you that work with any brewing method. Then we're going to share three specific brewing methods that you can use at home whether you're totally new to tea, love ice tea or crave the most dimensional brew with building the utmost skill.


  • For the best taste, use lightly filtered or mineral water.
  • ​The amount of leaves to use is flexible, simply adjust according to your taste. If you prefer a stronger taste add more leaves or use less water.
  • Steep the same tea leaves multiple times, which maximizes the flavors and aromatics. Once the leaves are open, simply use the water temperature that you prefer. While we suggest steeping in one sitting, you can store the leaves for up to 12 hours. To maintain the most flavor between infusions, we recommend that you air dry the leaves. Spread the leaves on a paper towel and store in a clean, dark, odorless place.



We're going to walk you through three brewing methods ranging from fast and fun to skilled and requiring patience that's worth every moment.



Simple brew is a direct flight to your destination, it's efficient and immensely enjoyable.


This hot brew method extracts as many flavor compounds as possible at once and is perfect for everyday, on-the-go moments. We recommend these oolong teas for this type of brewing. 

Oolong is a very forgiving tea, unlike Green Tea that turns too harsh, it is luscious, opulent and delicious no matter how you brew it.  

  1. Add a half pack (4 grams) of leaves to your cup.

  2. Pour in 195°F (90°C) heated water into cup.

  3. Tea is ready when you are! Infuse multiple times.




Cold brew is experiencing a direct flight to your destination in slow motion. The cold brew method reveals flavors that are smoother and sweeter due to a slower extraction at a chilled temperature for a thirst quenching refreshing experience.


The inherent sweetness of oolong is amplified when you brew it cold and the floral notes are heightened. Here are some oolong teas that peak with this type of brewing.​ 

  1. Add 1 pack of tea (8 grams) to a pitcher 50oz (1.5L).

  2. Add 50oz of cold water into pitcher.

  3. Seal airtight and refrigerate for 6-8 hours. Give the tea a quick stir and serve.

  4. Brew More! Re-steep for an additional 6-8 hours for a mild but flavorful cold brew. Infuse multiple times up to 48 hours.




Gong fu brew is a road trip. You take a moment to stop and enjoy the scenic views along the way. For our tea, we enjoy Gong Fu style because it reveals the most delicious tea by extracting layers of rich flavors and texture with each steep. 



This is the quintessential way to brew oolong. Yes. It takes extra effort. Yes. It's worth it.  We especially recommend these oolong teas if you really want to Gong Fu brew.
  1. Pre-heat the small pot/gaiwan by filling with hot water, wait a few seconds, then dispose of water.

  2. Add 1 pack (8 grams) to pre-heated pot.

  3. Start with cold water and bring to boil at 195°F (90°C). Rinse leaves with heated water, just to cover leaves and let sit for 5-10 seconds, dispose of rinse water.

  4. Pour in 5oz (150ml) of 195°F water. 

  5. First steep: 25 seconds. Additional steeps: Increase 5-10 seconds per subsequent steep. Reheat if you prefer hotter water. Strain and enjoy. Infuse multiple times.