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What is Aromatory?

Thoughtfully Grown. Meticulously Crafted. Conveniently Packaged.


Aromatory journeys to a remote village on the other side of the world to bring you a curated selection of single origin oolong teas, uncommon textiles and accessories.

These oolongs hail from Fujian, China, the birthplace of oolong tea, considered by some tea connoisseurs to be the one true origin for fine tea. We exclusively seek out ethically sourced teas. We are committed to supplying tea drinkers with the kinds of oolongs that we have loved for so long.

We have partnered with a family-owned farm that is known for combining the best of Taiwanese oolong craftsmanship with cutting-edge farming techniques and the ideal Fujianese terroir for oolong production. The husband-and-wife team who run the farm honor their craft and provide stable work and improved living standards for the local people.

 Above image: Tea bushes surrounded by abundant vegetation such as rhododendrons and bamboo.


Imagine the scent of newly cut spring grass with a hint of a sweetness. The ever-lingering fragrance from the leaves fills the air as they are transformed through oxidation, heating and rolling. After being crafted into the traditional ball shape, the leaves are then dried. This specific shape, nurtured by an artisan’s touch, helps to seal in complex and nuanced aromas and flavors that are patiently awaiting release during steeping.

Above image: Before and after brewing. Tightly rolled oolong balls unravel to full leaves.


While we are deeply passionate about the exceptional nuances of our entire oolong collection, it is in fact our Gui Fei Oolong that set us on a path to found Aromatory. While seeking inspiration, we looked to nature and paused to give gratitude to the Gui Fei Oolong that is only harvested during the summer months after tiny leafhoppers feed on the bud and young leaves. The gracefully clever Camellia Sinensis plant responds to the leafhopper’s nibbles by producing an elegantly honeyed essence. The summer harvest depends on the life cycle of the leafhoppers and requires three times more volume of a normal harvest, which contributes to its exclusivity and value. We are forever grateful for nature and for our tea. Aromatory is born of a love for the aromas and flavors hidden in these leaves that nourish our spirit.


Above image: Tiny leafhoppers about 3 mm (0.1 in) nibbles on leaves only during summer months which produces the honeyed essence in our Gui Fei.


About Us

 Aromatory began as a simple desire and grew into a worldwide journey. Growing up with parents who immigrated from Taiwan, home to some of the world’s best oolong teas, I understood the taste of exceptional tea from a young age. Years later, after I became a mother, I sought out those same teas once again. Unable to find them, even at the most respected tea shops in my state. The search expanded until I found myself in Fujian, China with a suitcases full of tea to share with family and friends back home. My husband and I founded Aromatory to offer American tea connoisseurs these exceptionally rare oolongs that I have loved for so long.