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Heavy Roast Gui Fei
Heavy Roast Gui Fei
Heavy Roast Gui Fei
Heavy Roast Gui Fei
Heavy Roast Gui Fei
Heavy Roast Gui Fei
Heavy Roast Gui Fei

Heavy Roast Gui Fei

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Pause for a moment to give gratitude to this exceptional Gui Fei (pronounced Gway Fay) that is only harvested during the summer months after tiny leafhoppers feed on the bud and young leaves. The gracefully clever camellia sinensis plant responds to the leafhopper’s nibbles by producing an elegantly honeyed essence (which is in fact a defensive residue). Richly sweet, dark honey notes mingle with deeply roasted pecans for a perfectly balanced robust sip. Simply refreshing, the honeyed sweetness skips over to notes of subtly bright dried apricots and under-ripe plums. For a mere second, a hint of enlivening mint slips in to cool the palate before diving deeply into roasted earth. What makes our tea so good? 

One package is .28oz (8g) Serving size is based on your brew method.

  • Simple Brew - One pack makes 1-3 servings
  • Cold Brew - One pack makes a half gallon (1.5L)
  • Gong Fu Brew - One pack for one session makes 8+ infusions 


      What can I do with the leftover leaves?



      Harvest - Summer 2020

      Altitude - 2625 - 3280ft (800 - 1000m)

      Leaf - Bud and very young leaves 

      Origin - Fujian, China

      Species - Ruanzhi (Soft Stem)

      Tasting Notes

      Dry Leaf - Dark raw umber color, tightly rolled balls

      Wet Leaf - Honey, cinnamon, roasted sweet grass

      Liquor - Deep golden, maple syrup, forest honey

      Mouth - Roasted honey, nutty, earthy, pecan, wildflowers

      Empty Cup - Caramelized honey

      Wet Leaf - Slightly twisted leaves

      Oxidation - 45-60%

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