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Unroast - Dong Ding
Unroast - Dong Ding
Unroast - Dong Ding
Unroast - Dong Ding
Unroast - Dong Ding
Unroast - Dong Ding
Unroast - Dong Ding

Unroast - Dong Ding

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Imagine the quiet early morning sensation of standing amongst vibrant blades of spring grass still gleaming with morning dew. Our unroasted Dong Ding or Frozen Summit captures the fresh, lush, earthy and bright moments of the vibrant season. The subtle nectar sweetness that reminds us of honeysuckle balances the hint of grassy notes (like that of cooked spinach), and nuttiness of roasted chestnuts. What makes our tea so good? 

One package is 8g (.28oz). Serving size is based on your brew method.

  • Simple Brew -  One pack makes 1-2 servings
  • Cold Brew - One pack makes one 1.5L (50oz) pitcher
  • Gong Fu Brew -  One pack for one session (8+ infusions)


      What can I do with the leftover leaves?



      Harvest - Spring 2018

      Altitude - 2625 - 3280ft (800 - 1000m)

      Leaf - Bud and up to four leaves

      Origin - Fujian, China

      Species - Ruanzhi (Soft Stem)

      Tasting Notes

      Dry Leaf - Dark nori tight color, tightly rolled balls

      Wet Leaf - Toasted chestnuts with a hint of honeysuckle, grassy

      Liquor - Medium gold

      Mouth - Baked nuts, vegetal, light earth

      Empty Cup - Lightly baked, grassy

      Wet Leaf - Unraveled full leaves

      Oxidation - 20%